TEDxCambridge speakers

TEDxCambridge speakers possess a deep commitment to sharing their compelling ideas, pioneering insights, and innovative research. We invest an extraordinary amount of time, resources, and energy into preparing speakers to give the talk of their lives.

Submit your idea

If you know someone with a groundbreaking idea, please encourage them to submit it. If you have one yourself, we would like to hear from you. Tell us why your idea would be suitable for TEDxCambridge. Your submission will go directly to our curation team.

Idea guidelines

TEDxCambridge does not feature talks on politics, pseudoscience, religion, or ideas that are primarily inspirational, motivational, or self-promotional. Please only submit an idea that objectively represents all three of these essential requirements:

  • The idea is IMPORTANT
  • The idea is INTERESTING
  • The idea is UNIQUE

Idea resources

► June Cohen, TED Executive Producer: What makes a great TED Talk?
► Chris Anderson, TED Curator: What makes a great talk, great?
► Before you get started, please read our speaker FAQ.