Dorsa Amir

Evolutionary Anthropologist

Dorsa Amir is an evolutionary anthropologist interested in how differing cultural and ecological environments shape the developing mind. She is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Psychology at Boston College and received her PhD in Anthropology from Yale University. Her research adopts a cross-cultural and developmental perspective to explore the role of the local environment in adaptively shaping behavior and preferences. She is currently investigating cross-cultural variation in the development of risk & time preferences, early life socioeconomic effects on behavior, and the role of scarcity in cognitive development.

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Her research focuses on understanding how the mind grows and develops across diverse contexts, with a focus on small-scale societies. Her primary fieldwork is conducted among the forager-horticulturalist Shuar of Amazonian Ecuador, which provides an important opportunity to assess how local contexts may be shaping the development of human behavior & preferences.

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