Inspiring Partner—Experiences

Why partner with us?

A partnership with TEDxCambridge is a unique, immersive, and meaningful experience. It has the power to create change, transform minds, and shift cultures within your organization.

Our partners are global companies who share a commitment to Ideas Worth Spreading. They benefit from impactful appreciation programs for their employees, partners, and customers.

Impactful guest programs


Professional Development

Invite high-performing employees and emerging leaders to reward outstanding performance.

Professional Development


Client Appreciation

Invite essential customers and vital business partners along with their executive leadership.

Client Appreciation


Business Development

Invite high-value prospects and customers to participate in a unique cultural experience.

Business Development


Executive Engagement

Invite leadership team to meet and socialize with your best employees, partners, and customers.

Executive Engagement

IMAX world premieres

Partners enjoy private IMAX world premieres with live speaker Q&As. Inspire your employees, partners, and customers with the ultimate visually immersive TED cinema experience.

IMAX is the world’s most innovative moviegoing format — unlocking the full emotional impact of TED Talks to elevate and enhance your experience of Ideas Worth Spreading.

IMAX Cinema Experience

IMAX guest experience

01 Select IMAX world premiere theaters

Select Theater

02 Attend private IMAX world premieres

World Premiere

03 Experience the giant screen difference

IMAX Theater

04 Enjoy live speaker Q&A following show

Speaker Q&A

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