Dmitri Gunn

Dmitri is the Executive Director of TEDxCambridge, which is transforming the TED Talk experience with state-of-the-art virtual production technology. He is an interest-driven learner adept at building coalitions and assembling high-performing teams to create deeply immersive experiences. Dmitri is passionately committed to celebrating Boston’s innovation ecosystem as a global center of excellence.

Allyson Schultz

Allyson is the Associate Director of Brand Marketing at the leading online pet retailer, Chewy. She has over 15 years of experience in the US and abroad, driving marketing initiatives to build billion-dollar brands. Allyson is passionate about creating experiences that bring people together and is excited about developing a global TEDxCambridge community.

Amanda Ludden

Amanda is a quantitative researcher at Harvard Business Review with experience in public health, PR/advertising, film and television, and digital publishing. With a repertoire of mixed research methods, she tackles data-driven questions with apt measurement technology, analysis, and action.

Brenton Henry

Brenton is the President of HYFI, which is reimagining the modern webcast and creating solutions for organizations to digitize their event experience. He has over a decade of live broadcast and digital marketing expertise, collaborating with entertainment professionals ranging from Peter Jackson and Terry Gilliam to Roger Waters and The Rolling Stones. Brenton is also an active photographer, enjoys hiking, and is a lifelong Nintendo fan.

Chloe DiVita

Chloe is a professional speaker and performance coach who has worked with hundreds of speakers ranging from Hollywood directors and screenwriters to Fortune 500 CEOs and NFL referees. As a former dancer and choreographer, Chloe brings her performance eye to the stage, up-leveling each of her clients. She helps leaders and experts choreograph their message into a dynamic performance that everyone remembers.

Christine Strand

Christine is an oncology researcher at Bristol-Myers Squibb, where she helps identify new potential treatments for cancer. As our Public Health Director, she leverages her clinical and lab expertise to help keep everyone safe. Christine is passionate about TEDxCambridge’s mission of sharing bold, compelling ideas with a global audience.

Daniela Goncalves

Daniela is the Co-founder and Creative Director of Bearwalk Cinema. She loves the power that stories have of connecting strangers, building community, and evoking emotion. Stories inspire, teach, excite, and push people to accomplish things they never thought they would try and explore places they could only imagine.

David Bouley

David is a Boston based Director of Photography with over a decade of experience comprising narrative features, shorts, documentaries, music videos, commercials, and educational content. He is passionate about visual storytelling and utilizing leading cinematic tools and methods to create a powerful and compelling experience.

Don Schechter

Don is the Owner of Charles River Media Group, President of Pizza Baby Films, Creator of The Ascendants, and part-time Professor of the Practice at Tufts University in the Film and Media Studies Program. At Charles River Media Group, Don oversees all projects and works as a director, producer, and editor of television, film, corporate, political, and non-profit communications.

Elizabeth Leaver

Liz is a live event and digital content producer. While she specializes in demo reel creation for professional keynote speakers, she has managed a variety of productions including multi-day conferences, live stream events, and a virtual graduation ceremony. This is her third year collaborating with the TEDxCambridge team to produce Ideas Worth Spreading.