Dmitri Gunn

Dmitri Gunn is an interest-driven learner adept at building corporate coalitions and assembling high-performing teams to launch new initiatives. Originally from the South, he is passionately committed to celebrating Boston’s innovation ecosystem as a global center of excellence.

Tamsen Webster

Equal parts idea-whisperer, message strategist and presentation coach, Tamsen helps organizations from TEDxCambridge to Disney find and communicate the power of their ideas. An active speaker and emcee, she not only works to wow the crowd, but to drive them to action.

Rachel Arditi

Having first joined the TEDxCambridge team as Stage Manager, Rachel has shifted her skillful hand to Production Director. She brings her experience working on productions across the U.S. as well as her hands-on apprenticeship with the acclaimed Juilliard School.

Rachel Hanebutt

As a civic designer and educator dedicated to creating inclusive and professional experiences for social impact-minded individuals, Rachel fit right in with the TEDxCambridge team. Her experience in this realm helps bring the most impactful talks to the stage.

Jacki Morisi

A New England native with a knack for party planning, Jacki brings her natural sense of hospitality and strong curiosity for innovative technology to TEDxCambridge. Her position on the Formlabs team and attendance at local events help her stay on top of the industry.

Georgia Lyman

Born and raised in Boston, Georgia is a forward-thinker and lifelong participant of the performing arts. She is wholeheartedly committed to celebrating Boston’s dynamic arts and culture community, bringing her passion for creating atmospheric experiences to TEDxCambridge.

Tank Design

Tank is a full-service design agency with offices in Cambridge, New York City and San Francisco — helping businesses create memorable brand experiences by integrating design, technology and strategy through a multidisciplinary, hands-on approach. As TEDxCambridge’s strategic, design and marketing partner since January 2016, Tank has focused on positioning, visual identity, event design and signage, and marketing strategy and execution.