Gina Razon Speaking

Learning to Breathe Again

Gina Razón

“Don’t hold your breath.” It’s not just a pat saying. Generally speaking, it’s good advice (unless you’re underwater). Mezzo soprano Gina Razón will explore when and why people hold their breath and the consequences of doing so. She applies her acting background and her experience as a singer and teacher of voice to offer an easy and fun solution to our breathing problems.

Gina Razon

Gina Razón

From the Dominican Republic, by way of New York City, mezzo-soprano Gina Razón is recognized for her versatility, physicality, and the rich warmth of her instrument. In addition to being a performing artist and instructor of voice, she is the Executive Director of Operaverse, a pop-up opera initiative and a Co-Managing diva for Opera on Tap.
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