Sebastian Christian Speaking

How Words Create Worlds

Sebastien Christian

If we can’t agree on the simple things, how can we possibly agree on complicated ones like democracy, rights, or religion? As entrepreneurial physicist, speech and language pathologist, and semanticist Sebastien Christian explains, all we have to do is destroy a table – or at least our definition of one.

Sebastian Christian

Sebastien Christian

Sebastien Christian is the CEO & Founder of OtoSense and teaches linguistics and neuroscience at Paris III University. His research focuses on how the brain creates a coherent and partially sharable mental world using individual perception. He has advanced degrees in quantum physics, speech and language pathology, and semantics, and has been working for fifteen years with deaf children and adults suffering from hearing loss. He also created the first independent R&D laboratory in France dedicated to finding innovative solutions to hearing loss issues. Sebastien founded OtoSense to develop a next generation acoustic recognition engine that is able to describe environmental sounds and infer what are their sources.
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