Speaking at TEDxCambridge

Our speakers have included best-selling author Dan Ariely, pioneering genetics researcher George Church, renowned social psychologist Amy Cuddy, award-winning chef Wylie Dufresne, and maverick theoretical physicist Max Tegmark. TEDxCambridge features a live audience of 2,500 guests and our speaker talks have been viewed over 50 million times.

About our speakers

At TEDxCambridge, we search year-round for presenters who will inform and inspire, surprise and delight. Our speakers run the world’s most admired companies and design its best-loved products; they invent world-changing devices and create ground-breaking media. They are trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses.

Suggest a speaker

If you know someone who belongs on our stage, or if you belong there yourself, we want to hear from you. Please use our speaker recommendation form, and tell us why this person would be suitable for TEDxCambridge. Multiple nominations for the same person won’t influence the speaker selection team in any way. We review every nomination that comes in, and it only takes one.

FAQ: Speaking at TEDxCambridge

TEDxCambridge isn’t a typical conference. The TEDxCambridge audience has high expectations of the speakers; the TEDxCambridge speaker team works with speakers well in advance of the conference to help shape a presentation that will succeed on our stage. TEDxCambridge is the place to give the talk of your life that fulfills TED’s mission of Ideas worth spreading.

How do I suggest a speaker?

Use our “Suggest a Speaker” form, and fill in as much information as you can. This form goes directly to our speaker selection team.

Can I suggest someone I don’t know personally? You ask for their email address, and I don’t know it.

Please do! Just let us know how you’ve heard about this person, and why you think they should speak at TEDxCambridge.

Can I suggest someone I work for, or a client of mine?


Can I suggest myself as a speaker?


Can I speak at TEDxCambridge by becoming a sponsor?

No. Sponsoring TEDxCambridge has many benefits, but a speaking slot is not one of them.

Will it help if I submit multiple nominations, or have my friends nominate me several times?

No. It really only takes one suggestion.

Is there a deadline for suggesting a speaker?

We accept nominations all the time. It’s best to get your suggestions to us as early as possible, so we can research them carefully and make the best decision on the speaker roster.

Do you have keynotes or panels?

At TEDxCambridge, everyone hears every presentation; there are no keynotes, panel discussions, or breakout sessions.

Do you pay speakers?

TEDxCambridge does not pay speakers. We do provide them with extensive coaching and training. We are committed to creating an experience that’s tremendously fulfilling and beneficial for our speakers and guests. An additional benefit of speaking at TEDxCambridge is that your presentation may become a TED Talk. Not all talks given on the TEDxCambridge stage will become online TED Talks, but we hope most do.