Scott Summit

Scott Summit seeks to challenge the division separating those products that we may require to survive, and those we love for the quality of their design. Through his company, Bespoke Innovations, Summit addresses quality of life issues for amputees, by infusing design and personalization into the otherwise utilitarian prosthetic limb. His work explores how returning body symmetry to an amputee expresses individuality and personality while it restores a sense of physicality.

This endeavor pushes the limits of additive fabrication and 3D scanning, and presents the body as a canvas self-expression. The resulting work merges medical product with lifestyle, and explores how mass-customization can fulfill the needs of the individual.

Summit has taught design at Carnegie Mellon University and Stanford University, and lectures regularly at Singularity University. Along with Harvard-trained surgeon, Ken Trauner, Bespoke combines what we often regard as dissimilar disciplines.