John Pak

John Pak is a Program Specialist at the Organizational Capability Office, within the Office of Human Capital Management at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. In this role, he serves as the Selective Placement Coordinator.

He assists disabled individuals in obtaining gainful employment at Goddard. Furthermore, he serves as a member of the Recruitment Team for Goddard and is one of the Critical Incident Stress Management team members, which is part of the Goddard Response Team.

Pak obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Columbia Union College and is pursuing his Master’s in Public Administration from Indiana State University. John is also a commissioned officer in the United States Air Force Auxiliary, where he serves as a communications officer.

Pak began working with Daniel Kish, President of World Access for the Blind, starting at the age of eleven. He has been involved with the organization since its inception. He has been on the Board of Directors since 2006 and was appointed as a chairperson in June 2009.