David Gracer

Dave Gracer is an English teacher, writer, naturalist, and zealous advocate of entomophagy. He grew up near NYC and spent time at local nature centers. Instead of entering the sciences he studied English, receiving a bachelor’s from Bard College and a master’s from the University of Wyoming. He teaches composition and related subjects at the Community College of Rhode Island.

Though extremely finicky as a boy, Dave has eaten a wide range of foods. He’s been advocating for entomophagy since 2001. Dave’s interest in this subject concerns numerous aspects, but centers on our relationship to Nature and the potential for a better future for all of humanity. He addresses the utilization of insects throughout our history, and describes how entomophagy could address our current problems. His approach utilizes humor and engages curiosity.

Dave has presented entomophagy to the public at libraries, museums, schools, and other institutions; spoken at several conferences, including the seminal FAO event in 2008, in Thailand; and gotten a good deal of media attention. He’s appeared on The Colbert Report, The Tyra Banks Show, and a few similar venues; been profiled or referenced in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Discover Magazine, Time, and others; given a TEDx talk; and been interviewed on NPR. He’s also participated in several insect-chef cook-offs, where he demonstrates his lack of cooking skills.