We bring together curious minds and groundbreaking ideas

Our speaker talks have been viewed over 60 million times and have included best-selling author Dan Ariely, pioneering genetics researcher George Church, renowned social psychologist Amy Cuddy, award-winning chef Wylie Dufresne, and maverick theoretical physicist Max Tegmark.

About our speakers

We search year-round for people who will inform and inspire, surprise and delight. Our speakers conduct ground-breaking research and design remarkable products; they develop life-saving cures and create innovative media. They are trusted voices and convention-breaking mavericks, icons and geniuses.

Speaker FAQs

Will it help if I submit multiple times?

No. We review each idea that comes in and it only takes one.

Can I speak by becoming a sponsor?

No. Sponsoring TEDxCambridge has many benefits, but a speaking role is not one of them.

What types of ideas will not be considered?

TEDxCambridge does not feature talks on politics, pseudoscience, religion or ideas that are primarily inspirational, motivational or self-promotional in nature.

When do you contact idea applicants?

Due to the large volume of submissions, we are only able to open dialogues with applicants whose ideas objectively represent all three of these essential requirements:

  • The idea is IMPORTANT
  • The idea is INTERESTING
  • The idea is UNIQUE

The idea must also be something the audience has not yet heard or would intuitively know. Furthermore, the idea cannot be similar or iterative to past TEDxCambridge talks.

Is there an idea submission deadline?

We accept idea submissions all the time. It’s best to submit yours as early as possible, so we can carefully evaluate it and make the best decision on the speaker program.

What is the speaker time commitment?

TEDxCambridge speakers possess a deep commitment to sharing their compelling ideas, pioneering insights, and innovative research. They participate in a rigorous 6-month professional talk design, delivery, and performance coaching program. The average time commitment is 4 hours per week for a total investment of approximately 100 hours.

Do you have keynotes or panels?

At TEDxCambridge, everyone hears every talk. There are no keynotes or panel discussions.

What is your event theme?

TEDxCambridge events have no theme. We purposely curate the most compelling, groundbreaking, and transformative ideas for our audience.

Do you pay speakers?

TEDxCambridge does not pay speakers. We do provide them with extensive professional coaching and training. We are committed to creating an experience that’s tremendously fulfilling and beneficial for our speakers and guests. An additional benefit of speaking at TEDxCambridge is that your presentation may become a featured TED Talk.