Sold Out! What Next?

TEDxCambridge 2015 Spring has sold out, more than a month in advance of the show. While the organizing team is excited for the demand, we also know there are probably quite a few disappointed members of the TEDxCambridge community who won’t be able to join the fun on June 18th.

If you’re one of those folks, there are two things you can still do.

1. Through a partnership with Secret Boston, there are still 4 tickets available. You’ll have a chance at winning two of them by signing up at But hurry! Contest winners will be announced on Friday!

2. Don’t miss the ticket sales for our Fall event! Sign up for our mailing list to be first to know when tickets go on sale for our October 8th event.

Thank you for your support and if we don’t see you at the Spring event, we hope to see you at our Fall one!