About TEDxCambridge

TEDxCambridge is a gathering place for exceptionally bright and curious minds that are receptive to new thoughts and perspectives. We bring the same attitude to our partnerships, and enjoy the journey of exchange about each organization’s culture and aspirations. Collaboration built on understanding leads to authentic innovation.

Why become a partner?

TEDxCambridge partners have the opportunity to engage in an authentic dialogue with our speakers and attendees, who are curated from the worlds of science, design, technology, business, education, and the arts. This is an invitation and an opportunity for your organization to become a part of TEDxCambridge’s culture of innovation focused on ideas worth spreading.

Participate in something meaningful.

TEDxCambridge speakers tackle humanity’s toughest questions, answering with innovation, enterprise, and enduring optimism. We seek to highlight ideas that inspire people to change their lives and communities. Our talks have been viewed over 50 million times and have positively affected the lives of people globally. As a TEDxCambridge partner, you will be part of this mission.

Reach extraordinary people.

TEDxCambridge attendees are an extraordinary breed: open-minded, curious, intelligent, and hungry to learn more about the world. Our audience wants to hear ideas from New England’s most innovative and influential people. TEDxCambridge consistently draws the area’s leading thinkers and doers ranging from CEOs and scientists to academics and policy makers.

Become a TEDxCambridge partner.

Our goal is to create lasting partnerships with organizations that want to participate in and add depth to the TEDxCambridge experience. Each partnership is uniquely crafted to meet your goals as well as the needs of our audience. We work with our partners to ensure they are participating in the aspect of TEDxCambridge that is right for them, in a way that reflects the heart of both our organizations.

What would you like to do?

Launch a Big Idea – test new ideas with the TEDxCambridge community, which is a group of critical thinkers and bold doers.
Unveil a Product or Service – build awareness and recognition for a new product or service with an audience of Cambridge’s thought leaders.
Grow a Brand Image – connect your brand to big ideas, unveil surprises, offer an immersive and engaging experience, and expand your audience.
Spark Conversations – share new content with the TEDxCambridge community and gain insight from early adopters and super spreaders.
Celebrate Innovation – engage with like-minded people and organizations to celebrate and give support to innovative ideas and bold thinking.

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