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TEDxCambridge at the

Citizens Bank Opera House

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“A true showcase for what all TEDx events should aspire to create as a guest experience! Thank you!”

“Inspired ideas, creative lineup and thought provoking subject matter. Yes yes!!”

“Amazing program with top notch speakers. Executed flawlessly.”

“The speakers were compelling and the production value was high.”

“The talks were engaging, thought provoking, relevant, and inspiring.”

“It exceeded my expectations as to what a perfect TEDx event could be!”

“A fantastic event. Awesome experience from entering the venue through the end of the show.”

“Great evening from start to finish. Thought provoking and insightful.”

“A remarkable event. Beautifully curated and executed with thought provoking speakers and a memorable finish.”

“The event was well orchestrated, thought provoking, and surprisingly fun!”